Week 43: Day Trip to Catalina Island

Week 43: Day Trip to Catalina Island

"I want a house on a location from which I can see the first rays of the sunrise and the last rays of the sunset." - William Wrigley Jr

What did I do:

I had initially planned to go skiing this weekend but with 80 degree weather on a winter day and still a bit sore from a fall rollerblading, I decided to take a ferry over to Catalina Island. My friends gave me some suggestions, so I decided to make it a day trip, rent a golf cart, sightsee, have some food and head back home while watching the sunset. Aside from missing the first ferry at 9:30am, everything else worked out as planned. 

Who was with me:

My skiing partner Mariola was totally game to switch plans and head over to Catalina for some fun in the sun. She too has been wanting to visit since moving from NYC to LA in 2016. 

cat 5.jpg

What did I learn:

The Catalina Express is super punctual and on a tight schedule. Make sure when you book your ferry ride over you read all the instructions sent via email. In case you don't, just keep these two things in mind: 

1) Arrive 15-30 minutes before the ferry's departure time. We had a 9:30 am departure  and when I ran to the boat at 9:27am, they had already taken off :/. So we grabbed a drink and a bite to eat while waiting for the next ride over at 12:15pm.

2) If you bought your ticket in advance, make sure to print your ticket. I tried to just pull up the email confirmation on my phone but that wasn't going to fly. If you do that, you'll need to just check in at the front desk and have them print you a boarding pass. I know, it's 2018. 

cat 4.jpg

Regardless of our little hiccup, we had a blast once we got on the island. It was a beautiful day with clear skies, fresh air, bright blue ocean waves and a quaint little town to explore. 

wrigley mansion.jpg

I had no idea that William Wrigley Jr had an entire estate on Catalina. Turns out that he was instrumental in developing the island. Hence, the memorial for him at the botanical garden.

cat 3.jpg

Driving a golf cart is not much different than driving a mini cooper! So, naturally, I did pretty well. 

Would I do this again:

Yes, on my next visit to Catalina I'll bring my hiking shoes and hike the trails of Avalon and skip the golf cart rental. I also want to give snorkeling a try and explore all the acquatic life under the sea.

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