Week 26: Full Moon Ceremony and Evolutionary Astrology

Week 26: Full Moon Ceremony and Evolutionary Astrology

"It's time to activate your highest state of human potential by learning to listen to the language of your own soul." - Megan Zimring


What did I do:

Megan, one of the curators of the Bali retreat, is an evolutionary astrologist. During our time at the retreat, she gave the group an overview and basic understand of evolutionary astrology and how the planets, stars and moons interact with one another. Then, she did a detailed natal chart reading for each of us. Later that night, we all participated in a full moon ceremony. With the full moon being in Aries, I felt inclined to be a warrior and sleep outside in the dark, facing yet another fear. 

Who was with me:

My Bali soul family

What did I learn:

Unlike normal astrology that is based on your single sun sign, evolutionary astrology looks at your entire natal chart. How were the planets aligned when you were born into this world? What is the current position of the moon and planets and how does that relate to you? Why did you chose to come to earth at that single point in time and what is your soul seeking to accomplish while here? These are just some of the questions evolutionary astrology seeks to address. 

When someone asks you what your zodiac sign is, they are referring to your sun sign. Mine is Aries. But obviously not all Aries are the same, you can’t expect them to be. That’s why the rest of your natal chart is important to also understand.

The critical aspects of a natal chart reading are your sun sign, your moon, and your ascending along with the house the planets were in during the time of your birth.

a ceremony.JPG

I know, it gets complicated. My natal chart basics: Sun in Aries in the 12th house, ascending in Taurus in the 12th house, and the moon in Aries.

  • Aries = warrior
  • 12th house = Pisces = mystic
  • Taurus = naturalist

So put that all together and you have a natural, mystical spiritual warrior.

Would I do this again:

I’ve always been intrigued by the cosmos. When you look up at the night sky, it’s hard not to feel connected to something greater regardless of your spiritual practice. Megan blew me away. For someone so young, she speaks with absolute conviction. She shared with me that she basically connects to the divine and allows the information to channel through her. I watched her do it again and again. She’s for real. I’d definitely recommend Megan to anyone interested in having an evolutionary astrology reading. I also would love to dig deeper into my chart with a more advanced reading.

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