Week 25: Acroyoga with My Bali Soul Family

Week 25: Acroyoga with My Bali Soul Family

"AcroYoga is a journey, not a destination. A practice, not a move, or series of moves. Seek this and like the rivers, your AcroYoga will flow. Believe and participate in communication and trust, and your heart will be open, as will your options for connection." - Buddy Thomas

What did I do: 

The retreat in Bali was curated by three talented teachers:

  • Andrew – yoga and poetry
  • Larisa – sound healing and voice empowerment
  • Megan – evolutionary astrology

Andrew is an amazing yogi. Not only does he have complete control over his finally crafted body, but he also deeply understands the spiritual aspects of yoga. During our retreat, we did 3-4 hours of yoga every day which included many types of yoga like vinyasa flow, restorative and acroyoga. Andrew started and ended the yoga sessions by reading some of his poetry or scriptures from spiritual texts.  

a yogiJPG.JPG

Acroyoga was completely new to me.  I have seen groups of people practicing it at central park and at Venice beach, but I had never dared to try it. It always looked so invasive of personal space.

Who was with me:

My Bali soul family! By the time we started practicing acroyoga, we had all been together for a few days. This really helped in having trust in each other and being comfortable to do acroyoga together.


What did I learn:

Acroyoga essentially is what it sounds like, acrobatics and yoga combined with a twist of Thai massage. To do it properly, you need three people to play three specific roles.

  • The base – this is the person at the base of the poses and helps support the flyer through the movements. The base has the most contact with the ground, and is often lying on their back which allows for maximum stability to support the flyer.
  • The flyer – This is the person who is being suspended in the air and moved through the yoga poses by the base. The flyer moves through a series of dynamic poses. A Flyer needs balance, core strength and confidence. 
  • The spotter – This person stands close by to observe and spot the flyer to ensure they are safe. The spotter can make recommendations to the flyer and base to improve form.

The connection between the flyer and the base is critical for the success of acroyoga. Andrew had us do exercises in the beginning to build trust in one another. In ballroom dancing, the tension between the lead and the follower is critical. This tension applies to acroyoga as well. You can’t be half invested in the moves. You need to be present, and in communication with your partner in order to balance each other’s weight  and synchronize movements.

It helps to partner with someone that is in the same weight and height category as yourself. But, if you see in this week’s video, it is also possible to have small bases with bigger flyers.

Would I do this again:

Yes, I had so much fun. I hesitated in the beginning but once I let go of my fear I was able to do a lot of cool things. The Thai massage at the end is the best part. It is so relaxing that you just want to curl up and fall asleep right on your yoga mat. Lucky for me, I live in LA and will have plenty of opportunities to do acroyoga.

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